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City on two wheels. Davis. With the warm kiss of California sun, good vibes and people ever in stride, experiencing this city can be compared to drinking the perfect blend of morning coffee.

But to truly know Davis, one should look at two very influential factors in the development of its unique culture, UC DAVIS and biking. Davis is known as a college town and one of the biggest bicycle cities in the US. This combination is a match made in heaven, so City Bicycle Company in collaboration with UC Davis brings you the Official UC Davis Licensed City Type 001 Bike.
The frame for this specially designed collection is based on our popular City Type 001 fixed gear bike frame. Track-inspired hi-tensile steel makes this frame extremely reliable and tough, yet is light, agile and versatile - perfect for campus commute.

Our bikes are manufactured with high quality parts while still keeping the price affordable. The focus is on the experience of the ride and how our bike helps enhance your life, not on an overblown price tag for bragging rights. Intrigued? Feel free to browse our collection to learn more. 


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Being the largest UC in terms of land ownership, 7,309 acres of land gives the campus a laid-back small town atmosphere. Well-maintained school facilities, a bustling population of active students and a close relationship with nature makes this campus an absolute dream to explore on two wheels.
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Scattered across campus are a series of statues known as Eggheads. These interesting works of art are deeply rooted in UC Davis culture and is a common center of big events. Many of the students who graduated from UC Davis have fond memories of these odd looking statues.
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The strong bike culture not only in UC Davis, but in the entire city of Davis California helps keep the place clean and eco-friendly.
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Discovery. A quest for knowledge. Experimentation. Pushing one's skills to the very limit. Achieve Excellence. University life is all about knowing what we are capable of doing and finding our place in this challenging ever-changing world. We all seek to find a purpose and a direction. WIth the Official UC Davis Licensed City Type 001 Bike. City Bicycle Company aims to give you more than just a bike - we aim to help you discover.