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The City Bicycle Company Team

University of California at Davis '12  |  Bicycle – Los Angeles Type ONE

Project Manager

Vince, one of the original founders of City, handles the day to day operations within the company to ensure that our bicycling products from the quality of the materials to shipping logistics are handled effectively and efficiently. Vince's primary job in City is to constantly research the cycling industry to tweak and improve upon every aspect of our bicycle from the technical innovations to the speed in which your bicycle arrives at your door.


University of California at Davis '12 | Bicycle – San Diego Type ONE

Finance Manager

Ary, one of the original founders of City, handles the financial operations for our company by ensuring that our company's growth is guided in balance with our financial projections. Ary's primary job in City is to ensure that our finances allow us to re-invest into R&D and constantly introduce new bicycles and bicycling accessories to our audience.


Manufacturing & Sales | Bicycle – Los Angeles Type ONE
Dennis, a bicycle maker for over 15 years, is the head of our manufacturing and sales division and ensures the utmost quality and care over the manufacturing of our frame and wheelsets. Dennis immense experience within the bicycling industry is unparalleled and ensures that all of City's bicycling products meet the highest standards in the industry.


Will is our most seasoned bicyclist with over 10 years of cycling experience under his belt riding both fixed gear and BMX his entire life. Will's role as technical manager to ensure that each and every bike that we sell is inspected upon and improved upon through his rigorous testing and fine tuning.


California State University at Los Angeles | Bicycle – Los Angeles Type ONE
Andrew is the creative eye behind the beautiful shots you see here on our website. His photography skills allow you the customer to see the carefully planned details and quality construction of every bicycle we make.