City Bicycle Company is an international student-founded company from the University of California at Davis. Our university education there has given us the tools to facilitate world-wide trade. We extend everyone to join our young bicycling company.

We currently supply our own alma mater UC Davis with their own limited collection of bicycles. If you're looking to add a fleet of bicycles to your organization or looking to increase employee enjoyment on your own campus, consider working with us in building your own set of bicycles. We offer unlimited customization options and can build any bicycle you can imagine.

Our legendary manufacturing process abides by all industry standards and allows our customer to explore through multiple budgets numerous design examples. We work on a case to case basis when it comes to this giving our customers a personal experience to make sure you get the right bike for your organization and that you're happy for years to come. We work so that we can enable these types of relationships and we hope our bicycles are the bridge to gap this. We build the bicycles we used to only dream about. Thats what City Bicycle Company represents.