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Discover Vancouver Lookbook

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Simplicity. Unburdened and unbound. Free to explore to find extravagantly unique cultural ecosystems that one would not discover unless one takes stride. City Bicycle Company with Don James brings you Discover Vancouver Lookbook Collection 2015.

Featured is the classic and timeless Los Angeles City Type 001. Tried and tested, it embodies simplicity seamlessly fitting into the fluidity and diversity of the Vancouver atmosphere. The simple light design of the Type 001 makes it easy to explore and its black coat makes fashion choice effortless.
Blur ebony black with airbrushed matte finish, the Los Angeles exudes class with spokes, chains and small intricate details seek not to overwhelm but to subtly suggest. A bike that takes nothing and gives nothing, it simply rides.


Vancouver Canada Don James
The fluid look of the Los Angeles Type 001 blends in nicely along the busy streets of Gastown right beside the famous Steam Clock.
Geodesic Dome Vancouver
Vancouver is highly regarded as a "green" city promoting cycling and ranks among the top 10 healthiest cities in the world.
Olympic Cauldron Vancouver City Bicycle
Hosting the 2010 Winter Games, Vancouver built this Cauldron to commemorate the city's Olympic history. This is located inside the Vancouver Convention Centers which is a great attraction to venture about on two wheels.
vancouver adventures los angeles type 001
Curiosity Beckons. Seeds are meant to be planted, books are meant to be read, life is meant to be lived and cities are meant to be explored. Don't grow roots not having seen the very essence of your hometown. Don't let your experience of the world be dictated by resolutions and megabytes. Go out and live a life spontaneously optimistic of things to come - pleasant surprises and life-changing discoveries. You haven't truly lived until you have felt the gentle breeze riding along the alleys and the valleys of a city so exquisite it captivates your sight and arrests your soul.