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Discover Dallas Lookbook

Discover Dallas Lookbook
Discovery. In it's purest form urges one to wonder. To question. To seek and to find experiences that evoke one's true existential queries. Inspired by our adventures in Dallas, City Bicycle Company Proudly Presents Discover Dallas Lookbook Collection 2015.

Flipping through its pages, you'll find one of our newest line of bikes, the Harajuku City Type 001. A bike that not only inspires discovery but pushes one beyond their comfort zone. With it's raw striking color it begs to be admired.
Prime lustrous pink. Smooth sleek and seamless the color entertains and stimulates one's imagination. The Harajuku City Type 001 Bike is a bike that enhances the riders style inspiring natural allure - like charm mechanized into two wheels.


discover dallas highway city skylineHarajuku Type 001 Pink Bike
Limited Edition Cherry Blossom Pink especially mixed for CityBicycleCo makes the Harajuku stand out in the Dallas Texas highway.
Dallas Buildings harajuku pink bike
Venturing into the Dallas metropolis one encounters a grand cityscape of towering high-rises juxtaposed with rich cultural architecture that defines the heart of Dallas. Perfect for fixed-gear adventure.
Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Dallas Harajuku Big
The city skyline effortlessly distinguishes itself from all others with its geometrically unique structures. The most notable of all is the iconic Margeret Hunt Hill Bridge.
Dallas Bishop Arts Disctrict
The Bishop Arts District in North Oak Cliff is bustling with independent boutiques, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and art galleries that riding around experiencing it's bazaar-like atmosphere can be a soul-refreshing experience.
Dallas at Night Rooftop
Adventure Awaits. Life is not meant to be defined by walls, arbitrary limitations and mind-forged manacles. Our two-wheeled adventure in Dallas was an eye opening experience. It started with a thought and ended with inspiration so strong it was a piece in the puzzle. A journey to find what it is that we seek. The quest for knowledge, love, dominance, family, culture or to simply find where one belongs. The trick is to get out there and have the tools you need to take action.