City Bicycle Company Foreword – City Bicycle Co.

City Bicycle Company Foreword

City Bicycle Company is a celebration of cycling culture all around the world.

We are one of the few bicycle companies left that manage our own manufacturing facility which gives us complete control over frame design and manufacturing process. Together with master mechanics and technicians with over 30 years of bicycle manufacturing experience, we have designed two new fixed gear frames from that ground up that incorporate all of our favorite frame details into two beautiful silhouettes.

Our Type One frame is our entry-level fixed gear bicycle that utilizes affordable trusted brand name components with our original steel track frame emphasizing true track geometry while utilizing hi-tensile steel to remain affordable. Our Type Two continues this upgrade with an even more aggressive frame design utilizing lightweight 6061 aluminum.

City Bicycle Company guarantees the highest build quality with an elite responsive design to serve both racing and non-racing bicycle enthusiasts alike. Together, we hope to increase our reach and put every one of our fans on a City Bicycle Co. fixed gear bike. Whatever happens down the road, you can be sure that our team at City Bicycle Co. will continue pedaling forward with confidence.

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