We hand-inspect every bicycle upon delivery to ensure that the highest manufacturing standards have been held. We build the bikes we ride and stand proudly by that exact sentiment.

All City Type 1 and Type 2 fixed gear bicycles are 90% assembled by our technicians before shipment. All of our fixed gear bicycles include our complimentary City tool kit (standard 4-5-6-7mm allen wrenches & wheel tightener) which you can keep in your bag for future use. With our City tools, you can attach and adjust your handlebars, front tire, front brake and tighten the pedals. Furthermore, each of our bicycles includes our professional assembly instructions to ensure that you get the perfect ride.

Our bicycles are race-developed and rider-idealized track machines which should be built by a professional in the end. In order to ensure proper assembly of your bicycle, professional assembly at your local bike shop is recommended and your warranty is only activated upon proof of professional assembly.