There is something very liberating about moving through the gridded metropolitan layout on a fixed gear bicycle where you can make your own little path through the city instead of following the pre-determined routes of urban planners. It is the most ecologically-friendly decision you can make. You're not using any fossil fuels, you're not burning any gas, you're not requiring the best slabs of concrete that automobiles hog up.

There is something uniquely social about cycling too—we organize bike rides from the shop to another location around town. You get 20 or 30 people together and you go out riding and its suddenly not an excuse to not exercise but rather a reason to get out and explore your world with your peers. 


City Bicycle Company is first and foremost your local bike shop but we like to believe our establishment represents much more than that. It is an extension of what my business partners and I conceive of as a creative space for the bicycling community. A place where people can come where people can have more than the experience of buying a bike or getting something fixed but rather where they can come interact with the fixed gear community where different creative pursuits and lifestyles can cross and intermingle. We like to think we've cultivated the most perfect type of social hub for people to interact and share ideas -- no matter how small or large.


One of the main features is the customization that really makes your bike stand alone and thats what gets the attention of others. We feel very strongly about bicycles because it does act as all these different personal elements of life whether it be your source of exercise, or freedom, or transportation or what gets you your groceries or couriers is what pay the bills its becomes a very personal object. Its not just another thing you buy and put on your shelf and use once in a while it becomes your daily friend. So you find that going into a store and pointing to something and saying I want that bike won't exactly cut it anymore. You want something thats gonna suit you more and that can be accomplished through customizing accessorizing you can add this part or that part and then certain people realize they want a bicycle build from scratch that suits their body, their commute, their daily terrain. 


Lets draw the positive aspects of bicycling into this central location. Lets make it a magnet, lets make it a hub where people can learn, share and grow a stronger cycling culture. We believe cycling is the easiest and most simple solution to transportation woes in a metropolitan city.

The most amazing experience of opening this bike shop has been the support and help of the people in the area from the other local business owners to the neighbors to the kids who stop by who are impressed by how tight-knit and supportive this community is. Its something we didn't expect. Everyone expects Sacramento to be cold and have this kind of cold attitude but what we've learned is that this is not true. We care about the community and I hope we can repay that in kind.


At City Bicycle Company we are constantly hunting for people with ideas and experiences to share. If there is one thing we know people love - its a compelling story made on two wheels - and we've made it our mission to uncover the best of the best. Connecting riders and their stories with others that love to hear them.



The City Bicycle Co. team