Springtime Vibes with the Classic Sport


The weather’s getting warmer, days are stretching longer, and it all has us feeling inspired to get out and make the most of these beautiful days.



We love grabbing the Classic Sport for easy cruising through the streets. We went out to see what adventures we could create on a sunny Sacramento afternoon.



The first few pedals always put us in a flow state. Bougainvillea blooms are sprouting in full force from the buildings these days, heady fragrance setting the mood for the day.



Our first stop was one of our favorite coffee shops here in Midtown Sacramento, @oldsoulco. Established in 2006 as a partnership between a bread baker and coffee roaster, Old Soul has evolved to become a popular brunch destination and study spot for locals looking to touch down and enjoy some artisan coffee and hearty food.


Old Soul is tucked into an alley, only accessible by bike or foot. We caught up and cooled off over a couple of drinks, then took off to head further downtown.



Sunday is farmer’s market day here in Sac. Since we’re America’s farm-to-fork capital, you can bet we have two of them, each bursting with fresh, local fare. The selection ranges from organic produce from nearby farms to handcrafted goods by community makers, food and drinks, body and home care products, and more. It’s always worth swinging by.



We’re lucky to live in a vibrant, creative city that comes alive with the murals of local artists at every turn. The street art we pass on our daily commute has become familiar, but every once in a while, we turn a corner and discover something beautiful and new.



This dandelion captured the breezy freedom of the day— the perfect spot to stop for a quick selfie.



Sunshine and quality time with good friends reminds us that you don’t always need a destination when you head out for a ride. Taking some time to appreciate your surroundings and enjoy the little things makes an adventure out of every moment.