Lab Art Texas Recap

This last weekend we were invited by Texas-based collective Dallas Is Dallas to help commemorate Art Lab Texas' one-year anniversary. We teamed up with 7 different Dallas-based creatives including Erykah Badu, Blue the Great, DJ SOBER and the Sour Grapes Crew to create 7 different art pieces using the Type 001 as the new canvas.

It is always exciting to find yourself so far away from home and in an entirely new city surrounded by fresh faces. Everyone in Dallas has been amazing in hosting us and showing us around the city as we bounced from gallery to gallery. One of the artists, Blue the Great (pictured below), even linked us up with Beats and had us spotlighted on their Instagram account.

We have tons of new footage just waiting to be edited including an exclusive interview with Erykah Badu who held down the show with her custom visual art piece that took the Type 001 from a simple transportation tool to a complete modern art piece with a message.

Stay tuned over the next week while we finish editing all of the exclusive interviews with each and every single artist!