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The Complete Guide to Finding the Perfect UC Davis Study Spot

The Complete Guide to Finding the Perfect UC Davis Study Spot

Books, check. School supplies, check. Bike, check. Game face, in progress. Well what about the best study spots on campus? UC Davis is a huge campus spanning 5,300 acres of land making it the second largest UC campus. Manually looking for the best possible study spots for specific scenarios will drain the time you could be using to study and simply enjoy the college experience.

Luckily for you we have created the complete guide to help you find the perfect study spot for every scenario. UC Davis alumni and founders of City Bicycle Co., Ary Ashoor and Vince Vu, will share their personal experience visiting these famous and notable study spots. Get ready to bookmark this page because this guide will make picking a study spot a breeze.

 UC Davis is located at 1 Shields Ave, Davis, CA 95616 so we will create our starting location at that point.


 Off-Campus Study Locations



Directions - map 8 minutes by car, 10 minutes by bike, 35 minutes by walking from starting point.

Information - (530) 792-1781 Coffee, Pastries and Tea view full menu Free Wi-Fi, Open 6am-9pm Everyday, Offers seating and couches, Private Parking Lot, Bike Parking, Wheelchair Accessible, Outdoor Seating and inexpensive price range.

City Experience

During my 3rd year at UC Davis, we moved to South Davis and didn't have internet for the first couple days. I found this spot walking around with my laptop and found it to be the perfect spot to get some work done in South Davis. My favorite drink here is the butter latte. I especially liked this place too because of the cozy interior design. Lots of big chairs, sofas and outlets for everyone to use so I never had to worry about coming in and leaving due to lack of space. I suggest coming here without your laptop and going with a book and pen instead to take advantage of the super comfortable couches. ~ Vince Vu



Directions - map 5 minutes by bike, 7 minutes by car, 18 minutes by walking from starting point.

Information - (530) 759-0811 Coffee and Tea view view full menu Free Wi-Fi, Open 7am-11pm Mon-Friday Saturday 7:30am-11pm Sunday 8am-11pm, Street Parking, Bike Parking, Wheelchair Accessible, Outdoor Seating and inexpensive price range.

City Experience

When I'm the mood for a more lively spot, I always opted for Mishka's Cafe because of its great location right in the center of downtown Davis. I would catch people of all ages here from professors to residents of Davis. I loved the fact that I could easily bike here from the Tercero dorms and easily lock my bike up right outside the entrance. I would describe the seating area as a cafeteria setting with a couple large tables for multiple people to share at once. I thought this was perfect when getting to know your new friends a little better--I would always choose Mishka's for group study spots because we could easily get food or drinks after our study session. ~ Ary Ashoor




On-Campus Study Locations



Directions - map on campus

Information - (530) 752-6622  Coffee & Tea, Breakfast & Brunch, Tex-Mex catering and menu info Free Wi-Fi, hours of operation, Garage Parking, Bike Parking, Wheelchair Accessible, Outdoor Seating and inexpensive price range.

City Experience

I highly recommend for every new student at UC Davis to visit the Coffee House or CoHo as us students would call it just to take advantage of the lively college atmosphere. People usually describe UC Davis as one of the last true college towns and the CoHo embodies this college feel. The entire CoHo is run by students which makes for an enjoyable experience when getting that early morning coffee before class and getting into the study vibe. The CoHo's great location next to the main quad means you can easily get your coffee fix then catch some sun in the quad. If there was a single place that made me truly feel like I was living the college life would be at the CoHo. Seriously-- come here as often as possible and take advantage of the great environment that Davis has to offer! ~ Vince Vu




Directions - map on campus

Information(530) 752-0997 Mini-Cafe, water bottle fillers, computer lab access, 4800 square feet of event space, multi-purpose room, five meeting rooms, two adjacent patios, Free Wi-Fi, open 9am-7pm

City Experience

This is the one of the newer buildings that the university built around the time I graduated from Davis. If you're looking for a low-key spot to get some serious studying done in a modern facility, I would suggest the Student Community Center. My favorite thing about the community center is the fact that they would serve free coffee during finals week here. When I needed to really focus and get work done, I would come to the community center early in the morning before my class and quickly run over to my class once necessary. The location is great right next to Wellman where a lot of student's classes are and just a quick walk over to the library and the quad. ~ Ary Ashoor




Directions - map on campus

Information - 7:30am-8pm Mondays to Thursdays 7:30am-6pm Fridays Closed on Saturdays and 1pm-7pm Sunday, Free Wi-Fi.

24-hour study room - As the name suggests, this room is located within Shields Library reserved for study around the clock. It is only accessible to registered students with aggie cards. You get wireless access to the UC Davis network and laptop outlets. Group study rooms and auditory study rooms are available to help control noise levels from study groups and sight-impaired individuals with readers. There is a campus telephone near the entrance. No food is allowed inside, and beverages need to be inside spill-proof containers. No smoking.

City Experience

The Peter J. Shields Library is in my top 3 favorite spots on campus for anything. It's massive inside with 4 separate floors with students studying all sorts of subjects. For me, I loved studying the main reading room which had a really epic feel to it. My friends would always call the main reading room the Hogwart's study room because of how grand it looked. If you prefer a prestigious collegiate environment, I would go straight for the main reading room and get down to business! ~ Ary Ashoor



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