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3 Years Strong

3 Years Strong

How time flies.

Today is the 3-year anniversary for City Bicycle Company. For the occasion, every week we will be including a limited edition City Bicycle Co. team snapback. We only gift this to friends and family so take advantage of this great deal.

We want to say thank you to all of our loyal customers, family and friends for your continuous support, advice and guidance over the past 3 years. You helped us turn our dream into a reality. When we first began building the original version of the Type One in our garage at UC Davis, me and Ary both knew that it would be an uphill battle to establish ourselves as a legitimate bicycle company. We had zero experience running a business and very little funds to get our idea off the ground. But we both enjoyed building, riding and educating our peers about bicycle riding and as students at one of the most bicycle-friendly campuses in the world--it only made sense to commit to the dream.

We hit every single roadblock imaginable from day 1 of opening up shop--no website, essential parts delayed over and over, lack of space, etc. We seemed to be doomed from the start but as time went on and our name started to gain traction in the Davis community, we grew from our garage into a full-fledged warehouse in Sacramento.

These past three years have finally led us to our own official 4000 sq ft warehouse in the heart of Sacramento along with numerous other thriving startups. We've worked very hard to get to this point and owe it all to you guys.

Looking ahead, we will be launching City Bicycle Co. in Canada through our exclusive distribution network in Toronto that will supply our Canadian customers with City Bicycle Co. products.

We've also created a new affiliate program to allow our customers to refer their friends so you can earn extra money through every customer you refer.

We will continue pushing everyday to build better bicycles, provide the best customer support and creating the best business possible in our Sacramento stomping grounds.

Thank you for all of your support.

'12 to Infinity

Vince, Ary & Wil

City Bicycle Company