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Picnic Day

Picnic Day

A whole day for picnicking? Well sort of if you’re used to picnics with cow milking, cockroach races and of course intoxicated students. Most universities have that one crown-jewel event that draws a whole lot of people to their campus (UCSD=Sun God, UCSB=Halloween, Cal Poly Slo=Slotopia, University of Phoenix=?) but unlike others, Picnic Day appeals to more than the intoxicated crowd. 

Since its inception in 1909, Picnic day is the largest student-run event in the nation with the goal of showcasing the richness of diversity and achievement at UC Davis and the surrounding community in the areas of research, teaching, service, and campus life. There’s just something about seeing a wiener dog race that lets you know great achievements have been made. With great events, exhibits, food and people, there is so much to do but so little time. As former students and attendees to numerous picnic days, City Bicycle Co. is ready to help you with the top 10 things to do at Picnic Day.




Cockroach Race

Where: Briggs Hall
When: 10am - 4pm

See cockroaches in another perspective besides smashed under your shoe. Make wagers with your friends as these bugs compete for glory and recognition. Did we mention that they are AMERICAN cockroaches…damn straight.



Fashion Show

Where: Arc Ballroom
When: 11am – 3pm

What are the kids wearing these days? See the talents of student made collections and designs showcased on the big runway.



Where: Grandstands on North Quad Ave
When: 10am – 12pm

All great celebrations need a parade, that’s just a fact. See what Davis has to offer as clubs, departments, fraternities/sororities and organizations from all over Davis strut their stuff. It’s kind of like Carnival but with more clothes and less dancing (unless you choose otherwise).



Davis Dance Revolution

Where: Arena
When: 7:30pm – 10:30pm

Watch crews serve it up at the biggest dance competition of the year. This event is not free so get your tickets Student Presale- $14 General Presale- $16 Children- $8 Student at the Door- $16 General at the Door- $21



Tie Dying

Where: Everson Hall
When: 11am – 3pm
You need more color in your life. Bring a bland white T-shirt or article of clothing and leave with something special.


Plant Pathology Picnic Day Display and Give Away

Where: Hutchison Hall
When: 10am – 3pm

Did you know that UC Davis has a world famous strawberry breeding program and helped make California the world’s largest strawberry producer accounting for more than 80% of the strawberries produced in North America? Well you do now. Go learn about all sorts of plants as well as getting a free one! They are giving out the hottest strawberries plants in the streets (ground) all for FREE!


Liquid nitrogen Ice Cream 

Where: Bainer Hall
When: 10am – 2pm

Freshly made FREE ice cream!! Did we mention it’s FREE!



Cow/Goat Hand Milking

Where: Cole Facility
When: 10am – 3pm

Anyone who has been near the dorms at Davis can attest to the occasional crappy smell. Luckily, it’s not the freshmen and just the cows on campus. As a well-known agriculture school it’s just fitting to learn to milk an animal. So lube up those hands, grab those utters and squeeze out that sweet cream.



Battle of the marching bands

Where: Arboretum
When: 2pm – 10pm
Watch the “Marching Band-uh” take on other school bands from UC San Diego, UC Berkeley, University of San Francisco, Humboldt State and Stanford. The bands jazz run to the Arboretum for a whole days’ worth of good music and funny antics as each school tries to outdo the other. These kids can last a long time…they blow their horns from 2 pm – twilight. But don’t worry, Davis’s own “Marching Band-uh” will finish you off in the end (they are always the last standing band, always).



Doxie Derby

Where: Activities & Recreation Center 
When: 1pm – 3pm
It’s opening day at the grand old pavilion. Leave your fancy hats at home but bring your weiner…well if you have one and registered it, it’s the law. The annual doxie derby race attracts all sorts of dachshunds for a day of excitement. This is a great place to get out of the sun and see who's top dog. Make wagers with your friends as the gates open and owners jockey their wieners from the finish line. Seriously, this is a great event unless you don’t like puppies, but who doesn’t like puppies?



UC Davis Type One Bike

Where: Bike Barn
When: All day
Yes there are two #1’s. It was tough deciding between wieners and bikes so we figured we have a draw. Of course we don’t have a bias, we just really like bicycles and thought people should check out the custom made type one for UC Davis at the bike barn. Picnic day is about seeing achievements made by students and the local community; so go see ours which is sold exclusively at the bike barn (which like us, is student run).