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The Benefits of Cycling on the Brain

The Benefits of Cycling on the Brain

Starting the weekend after Thanksgiving and Black Friday, things seem suspended in time.  A season of darkness is about to set in, and sometimes it brings a little outbreak of sadness. The days get shorter and nights get strung together.  Maybe you bought some gifts, but for now they hide, stacked in the back of the closet. Probably you ate too much turkey, but it is hard to get motivated to start working it off, because that holiday ham and candy galore are both right around the corner.  Students start to come home from school, sleeping once more in their childhood bedrooms, pretending their metabolism will let them sleep all day and stay in shape.  The holiday break reminds us of neighborhood haunts, and we get to meet up with old friends who activate those nostalgia receptors.  This is the time of year we turn back the clock, and do some self-evaluation, making grand plans for personal improvement and future travels, while paring down baggage to make room for new experiences.

The end of autumn also provides the chance to get a head start on those who get bogged down in the rush of cookies and memories. Everyone knows that biking can keep your body fit, but recent research also suggests that 30 minutes of biking per day can also grow your brain! Our combination of science and style makes it easy to do both. City Bicycle Co. has been about big ideas from the start, and this is just one more reason to stop waiting and get on a bike today.  Making a resolution a month early is never a bad thing, and we say why wait? 

But time doesn’t actually stop: it keeps going forwards, giving us the chance to make big changes in our lives and in the world around us.  At City Bicycle Co., we like to take some time as the days get cooler to look back on our old photo albums to see how far we have come, and peek ahead to what is in store next for our team. Our newest collaboration with UC Davis is just one sign of how far we have come without ever leaving behind what inspires us.  

Every day is a chance to explore and keep putting yourself in the best position for future success.  At this time of year, while we love to get back to our roots, the ultimate reason is so that we can reassert our core values and update our classics.  That’s why we are renewing our commitment to affordable transportation with unbeatable style.  This special kind of renewal is something all the members of the City Bikes team are doing, whether covered in a blanket of snow in NYC, or cooling it down with a temperate West Coast winter.  Across the country and the world, we want to renew our commitment to our growing team with our Black Friday weekend special, and wish happiness and safe passage to our unstoppable riders during the holiday season!