The Benefits of Riding Fixed in the City

Choosing to ride fixed gear in the city just makes sense. Our bicycles are built with the end-user in mind—we emphasize reliability and maneuverability.

The bicycles we build and ride at City Bicycle Company are inspired by our travels to the famous bicycling cities across the globe. From the late-night alley cat races in downtown Los Angeles to hill bombing at Quintara and 15th avenue in San Francisco, our City Type 1 and Type 2 fixed gear bicycles are built specifically to meet your daily demands exploring the city.



With the City Type 1 and Type 2 fixed gear bicycle, our goal was to build a bicycle that required virtually no maintenance from our customer. We utilize City-branded sealed high-flange track hubs that prevent dirt and moisture from entering the bearing ensuring a fast and smooth ride every single day. The rear assembly features a City-branded flip-flop hub enabling both fixed gear and single-speed riding. Our flip-flop hub lasts considerably longer than a regular cassette hub which contributes to our maintenance-free philosophy. By riding fixed gear, you benefit from having a single chain drivetrain that is simple and easy to clean and ready to ride in any weather. Compare this to a complicated 10-speed chain and the choice is simple.



We believe our fixed gear bicycles provide unique feel and responsiveness that simply isn't found on geared bikes. By only utilizing single fixed gear, the rider becomes deeply connected with the machine and your body becomes the energy source for constant motion in acceleration and deceleration. Our fixed gear bikes are both stable and stiff providing easy low-speed maneuvering capabilities that are perfect when you need to ride slow in the middle of traffic or if you need to navigate through a crowd of people. Our customers have said that riding fixed gear in the city makes you become more in-tuned with the bicycle and your environment as your bicycle become one.



The simplicity of the City Type 1 and Type 2 fixed gear bicycles also makes them less vulnerable. By reducing the amount of components on the bicycle and only leaving the true essentials, our bicycles become less prone to theft as a simple chain can lock both wheels and frame together. There are no expensive derailleurs or 10-speed chains that can get stolen or damaged so you can have peace of mind when your bike is locked outside.


We like to compare fixed gear bicycle riding as similar to driving a manual-transmission vehicle versus an automatic transmission. An automatic transmission car may be easier to drive but does it provide you a feel for the car or the road? Manual-transmission cars allow you more freedom and control over the bicycle—you are free to completely control the car. We believe our fixed gear bicycles, like a manual transmission car, is infinitely more fun to ride and gives you a deeper connection with the road.

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