Artist Spotlight - Hindue a Street Art Phenomenon

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Off the Grid

In a world where everything is online, its almost impossible to establish any kind of reputation in most niche.However, with art built on tangible walls and train tracks graffiti seems to transcend the internet itself as shown by a street art phenomenon known as Hindue.

Hindue allseeingcourtesy of tumblr


Who is Hindue

Very little is known about the street artist Hindue and unlike most artists you can't pinpoint this artist to one single online account. Instead, you find snapshots from people who share his works online. In a way he is a street art phenomena and his art speaks for itself organically building interest every time someone encounters his street art.

Based on an interview by kill pretty magazine, it would seem Hindue started street art during the 90s using the FROS pseudonym. He worked with GTB, UC, KMH KOLD METAL HOLOCOST, DESK, SOFA and JOLTS.He started using HINDUE in 1998. According to Hindu he simply liked the letter structure and overall aesthetic appeal.

Hindue street art graffiticourtesy of flickr


Dallas is Dallas event

During the LAB Art 2015 anniversary in Dallas Texas in collaboration with City Bicycle Co. and Dallas is Dallas, Hindue was given an opportunity to display his graffiti skills on canvas and on a bike.

Despite that fact that we never saw a shadow of Hindue at the event, his custom bike certainly earned itself a lot of attention due to it's unique and eye-catching design.

hindue street art custom bike