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Artist Spotlight - Bryan Blue and His Mummy Bike

Artist Spotlight - Bryan Blue and His Mummy Bike

BluetheGreat Kendrick Lamar Cop Car Artist Mummy Bike

The Kendrick Controversy

During the 2015 BET awards, Kendrick Lamar opened with a bang. Crouched on top of a cop car vandalized with what seems to be the the colors of the American flag. Its most noticeable features were the series of straight lines referring to body counts and the acronym TDE meaning "Top Dawg Enterprise." Keep looking and you'll see a disctinct art style resembling bandages. This is the work of Bryan Blue, also known as "BlueTheGreat."

blue the great top dawg enterprise kendrick lamar courtesy of @bluethegreat instagram


Who is Bryan Blue

Popularly known as "BlueTheGreat," he is originally from Dallas Texas but currently resides in Los Angeles California. According to Blue, he started creating custom shoes in high school a step above a typical high schooler would be able to produce which earned him a decent money for his age. He translated that into different mediums such as canvas and digital design. He made a clothing line with Jeremy Biggers which was a great inspiration and learning experience for him before going to California and committing to painting.


The Mummy Look

Bryan Blue is known for his signature Mummy design which is a very common feature in his works including his painting of the LA riots and his most recent mummification of Beats headphones.

bryan blue la riotscourtesy of blavity.com

blue the great beats headphones mummycourtesy of @bluethegreat instagram

One would think the mummy look has a profound hidden meaning to Bryan Blue. Perhaps it symbolizes his struggles to break free of bandages of society or some other artsy thing, but nope. He just says he likes how it looks and people like it. Sometimes you don't need any other reason other than "If it ain't broke don't fix it. If it works keep doing it."


The Mummy Bike

Blue had been incorporating the mummy design into many of his works and into as many clever mediums as possible. One thing he hasn't done was a bike. That is where City Bicycle Co comes in and allowed him to have some fun with our City Type 001 Los Angeles Bike.

bryan blue painting citybicycleco bike courtesy of @bluethegreat instagram

Bryan Blue Custom Mummy Bike Citybicycleco


Bryan Blue Exclusive Interview

Bryan Blue participated during the 2015 anniversary of LAB Art Texas in collaboration with City Bicycle Co and Dallas is Dallas which involved 7 custom bikes from 7 renowned streets artists including Bryan Blue and his friend Jeremy Biggers. Below is an exclusive interview with Bryan Blue.


Dallas is Dallas Event

Below is a video summary of the entire event.


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