Artist Spotlight - Jeremy Biggers and his "Stem and Thorn" Bike

Realism vs Abstract

Some people see art in an aesthetic light, meant to trigger visual appreciation of geometry and color theory, but some see art in an abstract perspective. This art does not abide by traditional rules of symmetry and aesthetics, but abide by the hidden meanings behind the symbols and visual concepts displayed on the artwork.

No other artist mixes these two opposing fields of art into an interesting concoction of a creative cocktail like Jeremy Biggers. Using both realistic art style and abstract symbolism in his artwork, Biggers' art style grabs the audience' attention in many different ways.


The lady bug and the two face

One of the most prominent recurring features in his artwork is a ladybug. According to Biggers, after his mother died in 2007, he started seeing ladybugs during peculiar instances. This made him feel like his mother is still looking after him through the eyes of a ladybug. According to Biggers, he tries to hide a ladybug in some of his works in memory of his mother.

Jeremy Biggers has a unique type of "two-face" art style seemingly triggering an Illusory effect on the viewers. Unlike the traditional two-face concept that features each half of the face having distinctly opposing features, Biggers developed his own kind of two face that shows two almost identical faces with a subtle difference leaving room for interpretation.

Jeremy Biggers Custom Bike in display. Contact for availability  information.


The Person Behind Two Faces

His emotional attachment to this particular style is due to his experiences growing up as a half black half white individual. Feeling like he couldn't relate to either his African American peers or White American peers, Biggers found himself struggling to relate to either side.

He used this struggle to create captivating works of art that seem to imply ideology that goes beyond racial issues, but even towards other much broader concepts. According to Biggers, his goal with each piece is to inspire conversation; conversation within the viewer, or conversation among other viewers.


Stem & Thorn

His artistic vision led him to build his own creative firm dealing with graphic design, photography, videography and painting. He also formed his own clothing brand known as Stem & Thorn, embodying the idea of hardwork and preservation similar to how a rose's stem and thorns allow it to bloom by supplying it with nourishment and protecting it from harm.

courtesy of Stem & Thorn Ampersand Hoodie Blackout


Custom City Type 001 Bike

Born and raised in Dallas Texas, Jeremy Biggers participated in the 2015 anniversary celebration by LAB Art Texas in cooperation with Dallas is Dallas and City Bicycle Co. He customized a City Type 001 bike featuring his stem & thorn graphics design.

jeremy biggers citybicycleco


Jeremy Biggers Exclusive Interview

We wanted to find out more about the meaning behind his custom bicycle and more about his history. Here is an interview with Jeremy Biggers right before the Dallas is Dallas art show opening.


Dallas is Dallas

Jeremy Biggers is one of the seven artists who customized our bicycles for the event. Here is a quick summary video.


Citybicycleco photographer and T. Custodia
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