Artist Spotlight - Joonbug and his Dallas Kaufee Bike

Joonbug FreshKaufee Bugs87 Custom Bike


The Artist

Lenworth McIntosh is his real name, but people call him Joonbug. Renowned for his artwork frequently featuring the character Bean Boy, Joonbug carries around with him a sketchbook at all times ready to share his distinctly detailed art style.

courtesy of no poison no paradise


Bugs87 and Fresh Kaufee

This passion for his art eventually evolved into two brands that are different in purpose yet similar in vision. Bugs87 is a design firm centering around the creation of hand-styled illustrations and lettering. He has another brand called Fresh Kaufee Clothing Co, a clothing brand centering around the appreciation for all things Coffee.

 courtesy of Fresh Kaufee Clothing Co.

From paper to the world

Joonbug's ascent to his current esteem is quite the story. He started drawing as a very young boy in rural Jamaica surrounded by nature, wildlife and farmlands. Limited in resources, he started drawing on a single piece of paper developing his skills and taking inspiration from the peaceful scenery.

One day his uncle saw the young Joonbug, Lenworth McIntosh, drawing on this tiny piece of paper. Realizing his potential, he decided to give Joonbug his very first sketchbook. Now Joonbug has piles of sketchbooks he uses to display his art and create new works sharing his unique style of art that started from the farmlands of rural Jamaica to the world. KQED Arts gives people a closer glimpse into Joonbug's history.


Joonbug in Dallas 

Now residing in Dallas, Joonbug has teamed up with City Bicycle Co, Dallas is Dallas and LAB ART Texas to create his most recent masterpiece - a Customized City Type 001 Bicycle. The bike features his trademark character Bean Boy, and various other notable characters from his Bugs87 designs.

It also includes a reference to Dallas' most infamous streetart epicenter, Deep Ellum. The bike design is very rich and highly reminiscent of Joonbug's Jamaican roots. It is a piece of art so unique and dense with meaning, it seemingly gives its audience a profound new experience every time one looks at it.

Joonbug Custom Bike on display. Contact for availability information.


Joonbug Exclusive Interview

We wanted to find out more about his art style, his inspiration behind the custom bike and more about his history. Below is an interview with Joonbug himself.


Dallas is Dallas event

Joonbug is one of the seven artists who customized 7 Citybicycleco bikes for the 2015 LAB Art one year anniversary in Dallas Texas. Here is a quick summary of the event.


Citybicycleco photographer
Joonbug's Instagram TheBugs87