Artist Spotlight - Justin Abdella and his "Breast Cancer Awareness" Bike

Artist Spotlight - Justin Abdella and his

Justin Abdella Breast Awareness

The Artist

Justin Abdella is an Entrepreneur and graphic designer from Miami, Fl.  Known more for his business than his design, he became an artist by accident. While in college for business, he started a screen printing business so he and a friend could launch a clothing line.

Making T-shirts from drawings required graphic design software, so he taught himself by doing. Digitizing friend’s artwork gave him lots of experience in Adobe Illustrator, and as it turns out you can learn a lot by tracing. Ten years later Justin is designing logos, building websites, and pattern making professionally.

Artist Spotlight Justin Abdella


LiveLife Co. & Well-Tied Ties

Justin started LiveLife Company in 2006 as a screen printing business and lifestyle brand.  After years of developing independent t-shirt designs he crossed over into Gentlemen’s fashion with Well-Tied ties, a brand to help ease the transition from T-shirts to Ties.   

LiveLifeCo and WellTiedTies

The Journey

LiveLife started as an idea. Justin never wanted to work a “traditional” job, you know the kind. Wake up at 6AM, sit in traffic, answer emails, 45 minute lunch, file TPS report, sit in traffic, and repeat. He wanted to be on a boat, on a Tuesday, drunk with friends, like a boss… or at least the freedom to do it if he wanted. When a friend suggested they start a clothing line, Justin saw his opportunity.

Websites like facebook and instagram changed the game for artists. Just like radio did for musicians.  Now if you’re an artist and you have an Instagram, that’s it, you have the tools to be successful. LiveLife  co. helps artists and businesses leverage the internet more effectively, and grow their brand online. He offers Digitizing, vector logo design, printing and embroidery, Website design, and order fulfillment.

Justin collaborates with street artists on a regular basis making clothes, and much like Mr. Brainwash from 2010 movie “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, watching his friends paint big murals made him want to join in. As a graphic designer and screen printer, Justin played to his strengths designing patterns in Adobe Illustrator and screen printing it as wallpaper.


About the bike

Justin wrapped, City Bicycle co. rider, Andy’s fixed gear with his pink “Lady Bumps” pattern for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. At first glance it seems like a regular ol’ pattern, but when you look closer…well, the difference a bump can make. A pattern that reminds you to look closer and check for bumps.

You can buy the “Lady Bumps” screen printed wallpaper for your own wheat paste projects at  or as a tie made by Justin’s Brand Well-Tied available at ,  20% of the proceeds from all pink Lady Bumps products will go to the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation.

25% off order with discount code “citybike”

Lady Bumps Breast Cancer Awareness BikeLady Bumps Justin Abdella