City Bicycle Co. x Monarc Studios

At City Bicycle Co., we celebrate the creators of the world who have added our bikes as an extension to their toolset. We consider ourselves thankful to be friends with individuals such as Jun Cha whose dedication to his craft inspires us everyday to push our exploratory boundaries to the limits.


Pursuit of perfection

Monarc Studios is a multi-faceted creative space helmed by world-famous artist Jun Cha. Located in downtown Los Angeles, Monarc Studios is a celebration of the pursuit of perfection as highlighted by Jun’s relentless tenacity in perfecting his tattoo craft. We have been big fans of Monarc Studios since their inception and wanted to gift Jun with a special bike as a token of our appreciation.


The Type 2 Monarc

In collaboration with Jordan Rogers of Dallas is Dallas, we started with an all-white Type 2 base model and customized it with special 3M reflective decals with the coordinates of the Michoacán Mexico which is the hometown of Jun Cha’s mentor Baby Ray.


Birth of inspiration

Monarch butterflies flock to this Michoacán Mexico in migration every year which has become the inspiration for the name of Jun Cha’s tattoo studio. We took the image of the butterfly to create a Monarc emblem for the headtube and have the words ‘MONARC’ laid out clean on the seat tube.


Attain your perfection

The greatest inspiration for art is our own stories and experiences. With relentless desire to move forward and reveal the meanings behind our own actions, we find a unique type of success that goes beyond perfection. As we continue to work with great artists like Jun Cha, we are inspired to continually push the boundaries of our bike designs to achieve better performance that enrich and enhance the biking experience of our loyal riders.

The Type 2 Track Series

Black and white simplicity with superb handling and track performance, the City Type 002 releases the riders biking capabilities. A unique beast with high quality aluminum alloy frame for individuals whose cycling aptitude is too formidable for a typical bike frame. Ignite your instincts.