City Bicycle Co. x Dallas is Dallas

Every bike tells a story.

Self-expression: it empowers us. It defines our individuality. It reveals who we are. Because style is a deeply personal act of self-expression, we're proud to introduce the Discover your City program to put the power of creation in your hands.  

Look forward to every sunrise. 

We were invited by Texas-based brand Dallas Is Dallas to design the first custom Dallas Type 002 track bicycle as a tribute to their home base. Although not an entirely bicycle-friendly city, the creative minds behind the first Discover your City project Hance Taplin and Jordan Rogers envisioned a better bicycle that not only represented Dallas but also combined with functionality that made their riding more efficient and safe.

The unity of function and form.

We began with a clean unmodified City Type 002 bicycle completely stripped of all branding and decals. We chose a deep red color on the 6061 aluminum fork as an extension of the laser-cut pegasus logo on the head badge. The wing pegasus character is the crowned jewel of Dallas and symbolic of the majestic city of Dallas. Placing it as a head badge made it clear what this bike meant for the city. 

The true magic and a testament to the genius of Hance & Jordan comes in the form of coordinate decals on the down tube of the bicycle. We took it a step further and made printed the coordinate decals in special 3M reflective material so the rider would become even more visible. All the elements complete the true unity of form and function.

You are the designer.

Cycling is personal. You put everything into being better. So why do you do it? The reason is unique. So customize your bike to express who you are and why you do it. To express your style. Or show respect your city. To stand out on the track. Or to be seen whenever you ride. To show love for your city and reach your goals. The ability to create your custom fit and ride you need to keep moving forward. You do it for you. So make it personal with custom performance fit and style -- exclusively from City Bicycle Co.

Join the Discover your City program today and create your masterpiece.


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