Taking on Brooklyn with the Tokyo Type 001

Taking on Brooklyn with the Tokyo Type 001

Photographer, designer, and friend of City Bicycle Company Micole Guevara hit the streets of Brooklyn on the Tokyo Type 001, newly updated for 2018. Packing a single-speed full 6061 aluminum frame, deep V style rims, and pursuit handlebars, this is our fastest ride, ideal for an adrenaline-fueled adventure through the city.

Brooklyn is vivid with motion, buzzing with energy, and awash in hidden gems easily missed if you aren’t up close and personal with the city. Everywhere you turn bears evidence of those who have traveled the streets before you— it’s a place where people are inspired to leave their mark. Don’t just travel down the streets in this city bursting with generations of creativity, explore them with your eyes and mind wide open to the discoveries you will make if you just pay a little attention to the details. Becoming part of the fabric of the city is invigorating, and with so much to see, this adventure is best taken on two wheels.

The Tokyo features a Matte White Pearl paint specially mixed for City Bicycle Co— a clean, distinctive look ideal for standing out on night rides. We’ve paired this with black sidewall tires for a contrast that pops against the cityscape. 

As golden hour in Brooklyn approaches, there’s no better way to bask in the glow than from the seat of the Tokyo. With a flip-flop hub that gives you the choice between fixed-gear and freewheel riding, you can coast along hands-free or lean into the ride for incline or speed. The smooth ride will keep you energized all the way to sundown. 

The ace of versatility, the Tokyo is equipped for easy coasts and aggressive expeditions. A Lasco forged 6061 aluminum crank is lightweight but powerful, and deep pursuit bars invite you to lean into the ride. 

Stay ahead of the curve as the streets of Brooklyn fill with more bikers. Bike commuting has increased 68 percent between 2010 and 2014, and those numbers are only growing. New York is a city on the move, and our aerodynamic design lets you keep up with it all.