Discover your City: Virginia Beach

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Life is too beautiful to spend indoors. The warm kiss of the sun, the blue ocean glow, crispy crushing waves and genuine smiles abound. Stroll along with City Bicycle Company and Ian Robinson for the Discover Virginia Beach Lookbook Collection 2015. 

The City Type 002 Tokyo with it's superb quality light aluminum frame, there is nothing between you and grin-inducing outdoor adventures. Virginia Beach is a city along the coast, move from one destination to another without the need to separate yourself from the cool beach atmosphere.
It's clear white finish communicates lighthearted approachability, ride your way through social events with ease. You ride it, let some else try it, who needs a puppy ice-breaker when you have a bike. Might as well make it a group effort and ride as a group, this bike has an air of gentle irresistible class.
Virginia Beach Ian Robinson
Laid-back and easy on the eyes, the Tokyo's Matte White Pearl finish especially mixed for City Bicycle Company easily fits into the Virgnia Beach scene. Ride relaxed.
Outsiders Bicycle Club
Virginia Beach is home to the Outsider Bicycle Club, a group of intrepid bike lovers Ian Robinson joined to discover the amazing scenery of this interesting coastal city.
Virginia Beach Coastal City Resort
Miles upon miles of beaches means gorgeous sunsets that will make any outdoor enthusiast fall in love.
Virginia Beach Resort City
According to Ian Robinson the Virginia Beach strip is the place to be. Tourists, cars, trolleys, and other cyclists make the cycling experience its own unique type of chaos. The beaches are also littered with countless hotels, restaurants and recreational events that will keep you busy and keep your belly satisfied after a long day of being active.
Discover the City Type 002


Be healthy, stay healthy, and have fun doing it. Biking is the easiest and most accessible way to start creating a more social and active lifestyle. Conversations begins with a smile, fire begins from a spark - the opportunity of a long fulfilling life starts when you take your first stride.