Discover your City: Sacramento

Discover Sacramento California City Type 001 Los Angles City Type 002 Tokyo
City Lights. Nostalgia and memories. Familiar strangers, the streets of old, every lamp post, every unique turn. Cold misty breath as you stare into your own unique glimpse, city lights silently pulse with a sky shared with those who call it by the same name. Home. For City Bicycle Company this is where it all started, Sacramento.

Joined by city riders McKenzie and Victoria who share the same two-wheeled fascination for exploring a city with a simple yet captivating cadence, we will explore the lights and the sights of California's capital in our Discover Sacramento Lookbook 2015.
Featured are two of our most sought after bikes, The Type 001 Los Angeles and The Type 002 Tokyo. Black and White. Yin and Yang. The two seemingly contrasting bikes are the complete opposite of each other yet both resonate with the same simple and elegant poise. With our full bike collection of varying colors and styles, you can pick a bike that feels and rides like it's just right where you belong.  


McKenzie Carey Sacramento California Citybicycleco
Triple Matte Black with a seamless silhouette that glides through the air, the Type 001 Los Angeles fits perfectly with Sacramento's gold-lit night scene.
Victoria Savage Sacramento Citybicycleco
The Type 002 Tokyo with its ultra light aluminum frame makes sure no nuisance comes between you and the pure experience of city exploration.
City Type 002 Tokyo Sacramento california
Downtown Sacramento with its dynamic cityscape is a pleasure to explore on bike perpetuating a very active cycling community.
City Type 001 and City Type 002
Victoria and McKenzie are part of a big group of friends that hung out in bike crews discovering sac-town scenery, meeting new people and creating new experiences.
Victoria McKenzie Sacramento Mall
Downtown Sac has many interesting spots beautifully accentuated by the city skyline that can only be explored on foot or bicycle.
Discover Sacramento California Lookbook 2015
Explore. Home is a place of memories. Memories that last a lifetime bringing it wherever we go. Don't miss out on the best moments of life not experiencing Tiffany blue skylines, golden-glow nights  and a soulful sunset. Your city is your home. As the pedals of time strike rotation, grow into your city and discover the stories waiting to be told. Our bikes helped us write our story in the city of Sacramento, it's time to begin yours.