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Discover your City: Vancouver

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49.2827° N, 123.1207° W


Theres this aura about Vancouver that you just cant fully understand without immersing yourself into it. I've been exploring this city since I was a kid. I've watched it grow and expand into what it is today and through my years of exploration, I can definitely say I appreciate every aspect of it.


Over the course of my life I've spent some time in some of a few other amazing cities of the worldSingapore, New York, Los Angeles and San Franciscoall cities that have so much greatness to offer. But theres this fluidity and ease about Vancouver thats experienced best on two wheels. I mean, we have the worlds largest uninterrupted waterfront path that connects you to just about every iconic landmark this city is recognized for. But its more than that. Its not just about being able to cruise from East Van to Gastown to Stanley Park all while taking in the never ending glass Jenga-like high-rises that keep popping up outta nowhere, it's about the diversity and culture that you're immediately immersed in everywhere you go.


Vancouver has this sense of family amongst its communities and with every neighbourhood theres this mash up of different cultures that all vibe so well together,and it's this easy connection with people that drives me to get out there to ride and explore every single day.


I grew up in the East Van neighbourhood, the most diverse hipster hoods of them all. Almost everyone here rides a bike. Its how we all connect with each other. Our bikes are also our conversation pieces, theres a story behind every one of them, and our explorations are what builds our friendships and connects us with new people on every beaten path. I can't begin to tell you how many interesting people I've met from just riding in this city.


There are a few little known kick-it spots where riders go just to catch a break and chill with other riders who converge with their beers and bongs too. There's Crab Park, hidden in a shipping port with an amazing back drop of the city behind you; theres the literal Dude-Chilling Park in East Van where dudes just ...chill (the city actually named it that); & Third Beach along the seawall at the end of Stanley Park where every Tuesday riders go to Jam to the beats of the weekly sunset drum circles around bonfires. How can you beat that?



I know I would have never experienced this local wanderlust desire if I hadnt been riding. I'm never not riding.






-Don James












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