Discover Tampa


Tony Morgan, a Tampa, FL based former automotive photographer turned fixed gear fanatic discovers his city with only two key items, his iPhone, and his Tokyo Type 1. Having just moved to Davis Island, an island located in the heart of downtown Tampa enables him to ride and post to Instagram almost daily. Photographing everything from the juxtaposition of old historic Ybor City and the modern Tokyo Type 1, to the seemingly unreal sunsets of Florida's west coast. I use my Type One every single day to and from work and feel totally connected to the city in a way that could never be explained while I would be driving.


"90% of photography is forcing yourself to slow down as if you're coasting to a stop and really look at whats around you, then trying to make the camera see exactly what you're seeing. The other 10% is just as important, but the beauty is, there is no formula for that" 


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