City Adventures: Los Angeles

Sunshine and huge studio spaces, beaches and bomb tacos: you can get everything you want on the run in Los Angeles. There are always deals to get early, and parties you can’t be late to.  If you don’t want to get your vibe killed, the trick is to be in the right place at the right time. In a city this big, moving quickly without sacrificing style can be a challenge. At City, we provide custom-designed bikes that keep you ahead of game.  The triple matte black LA Type 1 is our flagship bike, inspired by working late nights and staying out into early mornings.  Designed in California, this bike embodies a warm breeze through the window at night: a cool and cost-effective way to beat traffic and the summer heat. The classic styling and custom frame demand attention and provide performance around the clock.  With so many challenges ahead, City Bikes wants to make it effortless for you get on a bike and jumpstart your individual dreams while influencing our culture and environment for the better.

Part of LA’s allure is its expansive landscape, and we live to blaze new trails. Rolling down the beach paths or pushing up through hilly trails in the late afternoon, each climb and descent reminds you of a bike’s power to challenge and reward.  Our Type 1 bicycle is lightweight and built for exploring, so you’ll be ready for a trip at a moment’s notice.  With a flip-flop rear hub, you can tighten your fixed-gear game and go single-speed for casual cruises.  Our roots in southern California inspired this adaptable and resilient construction, and the proprietary finish is a shout-out to SoCal street style.  We built a bike that we think is a unique statement as well as a perfect compliment to every personal fashion.  A combination of grit and functionality, the City LA Type 1 embodies the attitude necessary for success no matter what path you choose.  

When a day ends in Los Angeles, the rest of the country has long gone home.  We are the last ones working, and pedaling through the cooling night, the determination to get home before dark arises.  Getting home with a little sunlight left feels glorious: a small accomplishment that can be had everyday.  Here, sloping sunsets amaze and beckon, and a glowing night falls that seems to suspend time.  Sometimes, looking out over the streetlights as they come alive, you might ask wether the angels they named this collection of hills and valleys after were dark ones.  Night is what we live for, the races, models and bottles – and our black-on-black LA Type 1 is track-tuned and runway ready.  Cut through the noise and traffic with our simple take on cycling.