Discover Chicago

Discover Chicago

Wind comes in many forms, any Chicagoan can attest to that. The fire that licked our city subsisted and spread on wind, and when you spend a gusty evening along the lakeshore, there’s no denying its simple power. When our city was rebuilt as a railroad hub to the country, we grew like a wildfire. And now, when a home grown point-guard blows by three players at once, our breath escapes us. There is always a revolution going on, and in Chicago, the wind is usually a factor. We know we can’t go on driving everywhere–there is a new wind blowing on the horizon, and city becomes more bike-friendly with each passing year. You’ll love to roam like the wind and explore everything the city has to offer with a City Type 1 Chicago fixed gear bike.

Nothing can match the release at the end of a summer music festival in Chicago: the skyline starkly directing you to the exit, the day’s sun long set, but still radiating off the crowds.  Jumping onto my Type 1 after a long day of singing and sweating keeps that cool breeze on lock, and as I begin to roll home, my mind clears.  With the wind at my back, I skate around the files of people calling cabs and waiting for the train. I zip up the Magnificent Mile and before I know it, all my energy has returned, the batteries magically recharged by the humid night air.  A summer night in the city should never end, and mine won’t as I link quickly with other bikers coming off side streets, finding new friends and making the most of the night.

But winter is when the die-hards cut their chops.  Your bike needs to be tuned to perfection, and the City Type 1 is designed for fitting through the spaces between snowbanks, with a bold red colorway to contrast the blanket of white. The custom frame is built for around-the-clock usage and resilient performance, and the aggressive yet sleek styling reflects the simplicity and hardworking attitude for which our streets are known.  We can thank our parks and our brilliant city plan for helping us become the Second City, but we credit the people here for having the gall to make decisions that can change the world.  Changing your commute with a City Type 1 is just one way to continue in that tradition.

Riding along the lakeshore path each night, I catch this new wind and glide past the piers and beaches, happy to be cutting through the air rather than shielded from it. Its my stylish, elegant way to activate my mind and body in the morning, when the sun comes up on the lake and everything is simplified for a few glorious minutes. Before I know it, I’m at work, ahead of the ball, and ready for tonight’s game. No play is simpler than going straight to the hole, and the Chicago Type 1 classic is shaped for effortlessly attacking the road ahead. Keep the wind on your side.