Learn the Essentials About Removing and Installing Tape Drop Bike Handlebars

This guide will teach you the essentials on removing and installing performance bikes with road-style drop bike handlebars.

For other handlebar types, use this guide.

What You'll Need

Let's jump right to the point here. To get your fixie bike road-style bike handlebars removed and installed, you will need the following items:

Now let's jump into the action of removing and installing your bike handlebars.

How to Remove Old Tape

First, you will remove the old tape off the fixie bike handlebars.

  • Flip both brake lever hoods.
  • Remove the tape by unwrapping it (can use a razor blade if needed here, but this can score and severely damage the cables or aluminum on your fixie bike).

How to Align Your Brake Levers

Next, align your brake levers.

  1. Inspect the bike and ensure the bottom levers are in perfect alignment with the handlebar.
  2. Check to ensure the bottom levers are inline with the bar sides.
  3. Secure the cables to the side of your bike handlebars using electrical tape.

How to Wrap Your Bike with New Tape

Now, wrap the handlebars with newer tape.

  1. Wrap the extra 3-inch strips of tape with your handlebar tape, from the rear end, around the brake clamp to remove the gap that is left behind when wrapping the lever.
  2. Peel the adhesive backing from the handlebar tape and start wrapping it, clockwise on the right-side and counter-clockwise on the left bike handlebar, from the end of the bars, leaving half the tape over the edge on the initial wrap.
  3. Continue to wrap the tape around the bars, overlapping the tape by 1/3 in each rotation.
  4. Wrap tight and pull the tape so its evenly wrapped, pulling the adhesive off the back as you.
  5. Continue to wrap the tape around the brake lever, overlapping the top edge a bit to avoid leaving a gap.
  6. Wrap the tape around the back end of the fixed gear bike's brake clamp and around to the top of it.
  7. Pull the tape and continue wrapping in around the top side of your bike handlebars, stopping when you get about an inch from the bike's stem.
  8. Check for any gaps and cover them.
  9. Make an even cut with a razor blade across the tape to cut it from the tape roll.
  10. Wrap and pull the tape to keep it evenly and overlap the ends on the handlebars to conceal the gap.
  11. Use the bar plug to tuck any extra tape into the handlebars, pushing it in with enough force or using a rubber mallet.