Adjusting the Threadless Headset on My Bike with Ease

Adjusting the Threadless Headset on My Bike with Ease

Your threadless headset - also referred to as an "aheadset" in the fixie bike world - will be an essential bike part that needs an adjustment when you tune your bike.

What You'll Need

  • 5 mm - 6 mm Allen Keys

Steps to Adjusting Your Threadless Headset

  1. Use the allen key on top of the stem to loosen it. Turn counter-clockwise and don't remove it entirely.
  2. Loosen both bolts on the side of the stem.
  3. Check to ensure the bolts are loosened by lifting the front of your fixie bike off the ground. If the handlebars don't rotate freely and fall to one side of the bike, you will need to loosen the stem bolt more.
  4. Place one hand on the headset and the other on the front brake.
  5. Rock your fixed gear bike backwards than forward. If the headset is too loose, tighten the top bolt.
  6. Check the alignment and make sure the step aligns with the front wheel of the bike when seated.
  7. Straighten the handlebars and tighten the side stem bolts.

Video for Help


Video Credits: BVideo