Steps for Removing Surface Rust On the Chrome Of My Fixed Gear Bike Frame

Rust is a pain, especially when life forces you to park your fixed gear bike outside. The excess humidity can cause your bike to develop the right amount of moisture and oxidation required for rusting.

If you notice rust piling up on your fixie bike, it's time to clean it. Use these quick steps to do it, sponsored by City Bicycle Co.

What You'll Need

  • Light Oil
  • Rag
  • Fine Steel Wool (Like Brillo)


  1. Apply a small amount of oil on the rust spot.
  2. Scrub using the steel wool pad.
  3. Wipe it clean with a rag.


Wipe your fixie bike off with a dry towel if it is exposed to rain or other forms of moisture. This will prevent rust from accumulating on it.