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Tips on Checking the Bearings On Your Fixed Gear Bike

Posted by Vincent Vu on

Checking your fixed gear bike bearings is as easy as listening to the seat.

The Quick How-To Guide

We won't waste your time by providing you with a long, unnecessary guide on bearings. Here is the simple "How-to" with your fixie's bearings.

  1. Keep your wheel suspended -- Use a repair stand or hang your bike from the ceiling to get your wheels off the ground.
  2. Press your ear against the front of the seat.
  3. Spin the components and listen carefully. If you hear a smooth, even sound, your fixie bike is in excellent condition. If it sounds loud and/or uneven, your bearings will be in need of fixing or replacement.
  4. Shift the smallest sprocket near the bottom bracket bearing to eliminate the chain and chainring from making sounds.
  5. Remove the chain from the front wheel to hear the rear bearings more efficiently.
  6. Headset bearings make virtually no noise. If you hear noise, they will need a replacement

The Process is Simple

Fixed gear bikes are by far the simplest of all bikes to check for performance issues. Use this YouTube video for a quick visual tutorial.

Video Credits: Expertvillage

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