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A Stress-Free "How To" on Bike Assembly

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 Learn how to assemble your bike whether its a fixed gear bike, mountain bike or road bike. 

Learn to quickly assemble your bike.

After you buy a fixie bike at City Bicycle Co., we begin packaging your new bike for delivery. All bikes purchased are fitted for a bicycle box, removing wheels and other detachable parts to make it more convenient.

You will have to assemble your newly purchased fixie once it arrives several days later – varying on shipping times.

This guide will help instruct you on the basics of assembling your new bike.

Necessary Tools

Check out our basic tools guide created specifically to help you know which basic tools you need for your bike workshop station.

Assembling your bike will require a few tools, including:

  • Repair Stand
  • Wire Cutters
  • Screwdrivers (Philips and Flathead)
  • Cone Wrenches
  • Wheel Truing Stand
  • Pedal Wrench
  • Air Pump
  • Open-End Wrenches
  • Metric Allen Keys
  • Rag
  • Chain Oil
  • Waterproof Grease

Without these tools, getting your bike parts on will be almost unlikely.

Cranking Your New Package Open

When opening the package, be careful when cutting the tape off the box. Gently open the top flap and pull all the fixed gear bike parts out of the box.

After unpacking all bike parts, it's time to get prepared for the assembly process.

Steps to Success: Preparing for Assembly

  1. Apply a generous amount of grease on the inside of the seat tube.
  2. Gently slide your seat tube into the seatpost, going to the minimum insertion mark.
  3. Apply additional grease on the seatpost bolt threads.
  4. Begin bolting the seatbelt and tighten with enough strength to hold the bike's weight.
  5. Clamp your seatpost using a repair stand.
  6. Cut the zip ties off the front wheel using wire cutters.
  7. Remove remaining items out of box and packaging, discarding the packaging.

Steps to Success: Assembling Your Fixie Bike

  1. Bottom Brackets and Headset: Open the loose ball bearings and check if they require grease. Adjust it as needed. Fixie bikes with sealed cartridge bearings can skip this step.

  2. Install the Handlebars: Check around for all the stem bolt threads and grease them. Both the threads and shaft should have a generous amount of waterproof grease to help with installing quill-style stems.

    Center the handlebars on the bike and begin screwing in the stem bolts. Tighten evenly so there is an equal gap on both ends and the top cap enough so it holds them in place.

    Video Credits: FLO Cycling

  3. Grease the Bike Hubs: When you buy a fixie bike, it's important to where the hubs are located. On most fixies, the hub can be found on the rear wheel. Other bikes have them on their freewheel or cassette.

    Remove your wheel and grease the hub cones enough so they freely spin without much handling. Grease the bike's wheel threads and re-install for a perfect fit.

  4. Wheel Truing: De-stress the wheels if you need. Also inflate your bike tires on our recommended pressure for your bike, located inside your packaging instructions.

    If the wheels are unattached, grease and attach them to the fixie.

    Video Credits:  Velotique's Popular Advanced Bicycle Repair Clinic 

  5. Grease Almost Everything: As you begin to assemble your bike, grease all bolt threads including the chaining bolts, water bottle cage bolts and crank bolts. This will prevent damage from occurring on the frame of the bike and it will make it easier for removing parts in the future.

  6. Install Pedals: Grease the bolt threads on the pedal and attach each pedal. Bolt the right pedal clockwise and the left pedal counter-clockwise.

  7. Brakes: Adjust the brakes if needed. We will have a tutorial page soon for adjusting your bike brakes on your new fixie.

    Lubricate the chain thoroughly before adjusting the derailleurs.

  8. Adjust Your Bike Parts: The assembly of your bike is complete. Now adjust the seat (including angle and height), headset and handlebars accordingly for a smoother ride.

The Assembly of Your Bike Goes by Quickly

The average time taken for many of our customers to assemble and dissemble their fixed gear bikes is around 15-minutes. Our single speed road bikes contain only one gear, keeping the overall bike design simple.

You will be able to assemble City Bicycle Co.'s fixed gear bikes in no time.

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