Discovering Your Bike - Essential Tools to Easily Repair Your Fixed Gear Bike

Discovering Your Bike - Essential Tools to Easily Repair Your Fixed Gear Bike

Here at City Bicycle Co., we want to make sure that you get the most from your fixed gear bike. In part of doing so, this post will help you discover your bike more.

When you first buy your fixie bike, it will be shipped to you problem-free. With a few minor instructions to assemble the bike, the bike is free to ride throughout your leisure. However, as the bike begins undergoing normal wear and tear, certain adjustments and maintenance procedures will need to be performed to get your fixie bike back like new.

Whether you want to know how to fix your bike brakes or just make adjustments to the seat, this guide will help integrate the basics to bike repair.

  • A Repair Stand is Essential
Repair stands will be the most essential part of your home shop. This tool will allow you to clamp your bike as needed to change tires or make adjustments.

Recommended brands are PCS-9 and PCS-4. Each of these come with great accessories including well-designed clamps to hold your fixed gear bike in place.
  • Tools to Get Those Wheels On and Off
Wheels are considered the basic essential of a bicycle, especially on a single-geared bike like the fixie.
Consider getting spoke wrenches for the bicycle, which normally come in three (3) sizes. Using your brake pads as a guide for minor wheel adjustments and a true stand for more precise adjustments will give you the ultimate fixed gear bike perfection.
The wheels are a vital function of your bike, so consider getting an economy stand. The TS-2 and TS-8 are recommended for City Bicycle Co. fixie owners.
  • Handy Dandy Screwdrivers
The fixie is one of the simplest bikes to use. Screwdrivers with a phillips and flathead will be an essential tool to getting your fixie put together and taken apart.
Many multi-geared bikes also required screwdrivers, some varying in head size for different parts.
  • Always Tuck a Pair of Pliers Somewhere In the Stand

Pliers come in handy for nearly all bike adjustments or fixes. Using pliers that are designed with a pair of wire cutters on it will be great. Both sides are often necessary tools within bike adjustments.

  • Wrench set for Bike Parts like Hubs, Pedals and Headsets
If you own a bike, getting an entire wrench set is possibly the best idea. Adjustable wrenches between 8mm and 17mm help fit every bolt in your fixed gear bike and help diminish strain during those odd wrenching jobs.
Hex wrenches may also be key if your fixie bikes were recently purchased. Modern bikes use 4mm to 6mm allen bolts that hex wrenches easily tackle.
Long handled pedal wrenches with a 15mm gauge will be essential for tightening or replacing your fixes' pedals.
Headset wrenches either 32mm or 36mm help make adjustments for older headset models.
Lastly, cone wrenches with both a 13mm and 15mm set will fit most front and rear hubs for adjustments.
  • Tools to Adjust Tire and Tubing 
The wheel and tire will be the most adjusted of all your bike parts. Plastic tire levers help with quick tire repairs.
Avoid damaging the rim or tubing with a screwdriver or other miscellaneous metal tools. Purchase a tire jack for easy tire removal on your fixie.
Air pumps, presta valve adapters, presta valves and tire gauges are also necessary for adequate fixie bicycle repairs.
  • Basic Cleaning Supplies
Wiping down your fixie bike with cleaning dissolvent and rags often will help maintain the look of the bike. Use a cleaning brush for bikes to help clean the grime and excessive dirt from sprockets and chain.
  • Lubrication for Your Chain is Essential

Lastly, picking a lubricant is important for your chain. Choose between chain oil, light oil and waterproof grease.

Only the Basics, But Your Fixed Gear Bike Will Love It

Fine tuning and complete overhauls may be necessary to get your fixie bike perfect. Whether you need to change a tire or clean sprockets, this basic guide to fixed gear bike repair will assist with all problems most bikers face with their bike.

At City Bicycle Co., our mission is to set you up with the tools to success with your fixie bikes. Let us know if you need other helpful tool tips with your fixie.