Bicycling Etiquette

Bicycling Etiquette 101

When you're on your fixed gear bicycle it can be the most liberating and freedom inducing feeling in the world. No more stress or worries about what you could have done yesterday or what you need to do tomorrow but just complete focus and vision on whats directly in front of you now. Its as if when you gear up and start cycling you leave all your worries behind you—the cool yet quick wind blowing in your hair its interesting how all the stresses and demands of life fade away. Throughout all of this, the rider must understand that riding fixed gear is a first and foremost a sport and everyone must abide by the rules. By following these few simple steps, you can ensure that you are riding your fixed gear bike in the most safe and responsible manner! Enjoy!


1. Be Predictable

If other fixed gear and single speed cyclists know you're doing and what your next move is, they can act and react appropriately. This means using proper hand signals when you're about to make a move and letting people know your next move. The last and absolute worst thing you can do is make a sudden and surprise move. Its easy to think the road belongs to you when you're riding your bike but think first.


Being a safe and predictable means to ride normally. Respect your lane when riding in traffic and try to follow the same speed as to not surprise anyone. Always use hand signals when making a turn, always make sure your bicycle is equipped with lights so you're visible and if necessary. Use your voice if you think it would help notify people around.


2. Be alert

It's easy to get carried away playing with your phone or drowning out all outside noise with headphones but these things can distract you which can be very dangerous when you're riding your bike. Its always best practice to stay alert when riding your City fixed gear bike so you don't miss traffic or accidentally run a stoplight. The same rules apply when you're driving your car.


3. Keep to the Right

We've noticed a recent trend of riders with their fixed gear bikes attempting to own the road by biking in the middle and keeping traffic behind them. This is a very dangerous way to ride and often causes more traffic. We always suggest keeping to the right of the road when riding your bike to keep the flow of traffic steady. When you establish your position on the right and make yourself visible, its very easy to maintain your speed while also keeping your distance and allowing vehicle traffic to flow freely without disturbance from you.


4. Enjoy yourself!

Fixed Gear riding is all about connecting human and machine and creating the most natural and enjoyable cycling experience today.