In a world this big, moving quickly without sacrificing style can be a challenge.

At City Bicycle Company, we provide custom-designed bikes that keep you ahead of the game. 

Designed in California, our City Types 1 & 2 fixed gear bicycles embody a warm breeze through the window at night: a cool and cost-effective way to beat traffic and the summer heat. The classic styling and custom frame demand attention and provide performance around the clock.  With so many challenges ahead, City Bicycle Company aims to make it effortless for you get on a bike and jumpstart your individual dreams while influencing our culture and environment for the better.

We built a bike that we think is a unique statement as well as a perfect compliment to every personal fashion.  A combination of grit and functionality, The City Types 1 & 2 embody the attitude necessary for success no matter what path you choose.

Adventure Awaits

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